Terms of Use & Services & Data Protection Statement

Data Protection Statement

This data Protection statement was set up at 17-12-2018, in order to inform concerned individuals(persons) how their “personal data" (related to "Personally identifiable information") is used on the internet. According to US Data Protection laws and Information Security, identifies information that solely or in connection to other information, can be used to identify, localize and contact individual artists or artistic groups of members within the pages of Bandbook.net, contextually.


Please, feel free to read our data privacy statement carefully, so that you understand how we collect, use, protect or otherwise, use your personal data.

Which personal data do we collect from the visitors of our blogs, website or users of our app?

We have no App,  nor a blog, visitors are free to deny or agree with the terms and conditions or media usability when wix.com asks for it.

When you obtain to become a free member onsite, particularly once your register, you will be invited to indicate your name(optional), email address(essential), postal code(optiona), telephone number(optional) or any other details(optional), which will help us to improve your experience as a free  member.

When do we collect data?

We collect your data when you enter information in the free membership area on our website and you agree to update your info as a member, As a visitor we collect only when you register free.

We store data, this one is, your email. That is, only after your choice of  request and consent to the membership requirements. All other data are not collected, either are optional for the visitors.

We do not store data from the visitors as Bandbook.net.

Wix.com as a host and regulatory framework provides the client-server services and stores data to their own servers. The owners of bandbook.net have no authorization of processing these data collected.

How do we use your data?

Once you register and you are a member of Bandbook.net you can book an artist. You cannot book with spam or you will be notified and removed from the site by the admin, you can subscribe to our newsletter, participate in a chat 1on1 with the admin or for a marketing communication and agreement, visit the website or use any other functions the website has to offer, we will use the data that we collect as follows:

  • In order to develop the user’s experience, and to permit us to deliver such contents and product offers for which you have the most interest for.

  • To allow us to react better to customer service requests.

  • To process the transactions by direct communicating with the artist/s of your choice.

  • In order to send you email related to your order or other services or associated music events


How do we protect visitor data?

Our website is regularly verified for known weaknesses and security loopholes so that your visit of our website is as secure as it can be. Also the members data are given and  collected with the consent of the visitors, that want to obtain a membership.

Members are the first and last person that decide for which personal data want to share online and are limited by the admin to the following requirements in order to complete the appending membership for Bandbook.net.

  1. Maximum One main picture/avatar, (and a second which is optional, both preferably with low resolution).

  2. Maximum One hyperlink, mainly consisting music video material.(only for bands and is optional too, with N/a resolution)(it can be a lyric video, a music video production, a 3d animated music video, a music video with static cover, or a music video teaser)

  3. Finally one short Biographic material (written maximum in 1500 letters). That will describe the most important aspects of their quality service that provide(preferably 300-500 letters,)

  4. One valid email address for the admin to build the booking service that will correspond to the artist.


We also regularly lead malware scans.

For the advertisments that will be held inside Bandbook.net pages, the requirements for obtaining a membership are:

  1. Maximum One main Picture/avatar of the advertisement itself.

  2. One valid email for the interested visitor(it can be an existing valid member/corporation/non-profit-organization/artistic venue, stores/etc.)


We also advertise you and is completely free.

Your personal data can be found behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons,that is the designer/owner of BandBook.net and his/her full name is noticeably found in the footer of the website inside all pages(lower right section onsite) , who possess special access rights for such systems and have a duty to treat such information with confidentiality. Moreover, all confidential information that you transmit to us is secured by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and we support the compliance of GDPR regulations.

We use a multitude of measures for risk prevention when a user places an order so as to protect your personal data. That is,  the admin reassures of the booking procedure as an event, no details apart from the Time and Date of the Booking service are collected and the communication channel of the visitor and member are secured by Wix.com and SSL.

Also, we book artists but inside bandbook.net we proceed with zero-transactions neither with the use of currency nor with digital currency, for when a visitor books an artist/s.

Mutual and financial aggreements and free services are also held outside the websites pages.

Our members are either Introductory meeting either Free, but no agreement is acknowledged from the owners of Bandbook, and no commissions are held unless something of the above statements is changed, you will be notified maximum 4 times via mail from the admin for the renewal of terms.

Generally all transactions are processed by a gateway provider and are not saved or processed on our own servers.


Do we use "cookies"?

No we do not,

but in the future we might use. You will be certainly notified.Cookies are small files that a website or a provider saves to the hard disk of your computer via the internet browser (as long as you permit it) and that allow the systems of the website or your provider to recognize your browser and to collect and record certain information.


For instance, cookies are used to memorize and process the products in your shopping basket for example. They will also be used to establish your preferences based on your previous and current website activity sot that we can offer you a better service. In addition, are used to collect general information about the data traffic and the interactions with the website in order to provide an improved user experience as well as better tools.

We use cookies to:

In Bandbook.net we Don’t use your cookies. We don’t ask for them,

Wix.com does apparently for hosting reasons and legal aspects of their own corporate usage..

You are free to let your computer warn you when a cookie is being sent or you can deactivate all the cookies. You can do this in the settings of your browser (for example: Internet Explorer). Every browser is a bit different so we suggest you use the help menu of your browsers in order to find the correct settings(upper right).

In case you deactivate cookies, some functions may be deactivated for wix.com.

Though, Bandbook.net does not collect IPs, Cookies and data that are not important for the membership procedures.This has an effect on the user friendliness which our website makes more efficient. Furthermore, some of wix.com services will not function properly.


Disclosures by third parties

We will not sell, trade or transmit to any third parties by any other means your personal data without your written agreement with the owners of bandbook.net.

Links by third party suppliers

Occasionally, we can, at our discretion, offer products or services only from the admin of the website. Links,Products or services from third party suppliers are not in our website. Such third party websites have their own, independent data protection guidelines. Therefore, we do not carry any responsibility or liability for the contents and activities of the linked websites. Nevertheless, we still want to protect the integrity of our website and welcome any feedback in relation to these websites.


The requirements for Google adverts can be summarized by the general principles of Google advertising.

Bandbook.net is Not using google adverts. Also google robots procedures are used for ediscovery on google by visitors inside the countries of Greece and Cyprus. Bandbook.net purpose is to enable a positive experience for the user. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/1316548?hl=de

On our website

Google AdSense is currently not activated but we can activate it at any given time in the future. In addition Google Search Console is activated and is used for marketing reasons and for general traffic analysis

Online Privacy Protection Act

CalOPPA is the California State law in the USA, which obligates commercial websites and online services to publically disclose data protection guidelines. This law extends beyond California and requires that a website owner in the United States (potentially also worldwide) whose website raises personal data from Californian consumers, needs to publish a visible privacy statement on his website on which it is clearly described which data is collected and who has access to it.

To find out more about this, visit:


CalOPPA applies to any person or company in the United States (and conceivably the World) whose website collects personally identifiable information from consumers and visitors. CalOPPA requires the website to feature a conspicuous privacy policy stating exactly what information is collected and with whom it is shared(we share your email and media which includes one picture and one media hyperlink after your written compliane with the admin of Bandbook.net) it also requires the operator of the website or online service to comply with the site’s privacy policy. Those who fail to do so are at risk of civil litigation under the state’s Unfair Competition Law.

What is “personally identifiable information” known as PII ?

As legally defined, “personally identifiable information” refers to details collected on the Internet about an individual consumer, including an individual’s first and last name, a physical street address, an email address, a telephone number, a Social Security number, or any other information that permits a specific individual to be contacted physically or online.

Bandbook.net is collecting only the email

and personal digital portofolios from artists such as music Bands,as dancers or dancing teams-groups, photographers, videographers, directors, producers and only after written consent with us.

No data are held without pre-written acknowledgement with the artists.

The term extends to details such as a person’s birthday, height, weight or hair color that are collected online and stored by an operator in personally identifiable form.

According to CalOPPA, we agree to the following:

Users can visit our website anonymously.


As soon as these data privacy guidelines are drawn up, we will publish them on our starting page and link you to our first significant page once one enters our website.

The link to our data protection guidelines comprises the term “Data protection" and can be easily found on the webpage indicated at the top near the Contact us form menu button.

Members will be informed of any amendments to our data protection guidelines:

  • Via email


Members can modify their personal information:

  • Via email


How does our website deal with Do-Not-Track-Signals?

We respect Do-Not-Track-Signals and do not follow, place or advertise when a Do-Not-Track (DNT) browser mechanism is available for visitors.

2012, Twitter made headlines by announcing its decision to honor its users’ DNT headers. 


When a Twitter user has his browser’s DNT header turned on, Twitter stops collecting the information that would otherwise allow it to tailor suggestions and ads to that user based on his online activities.  More recently, Pinterest announced  that it will follow suit, becoming the second social media site to refrain from collecting data about its users’ activities across the web if they have DNT headers in place.


Does our website allow third party suppliers to pursue behavioural issues?

We also want to inform you that we do not allow third party suppliers to pursue behavioural issues.


COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

The provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) give parents control over the collection of personal data of children under the age of 13. The Federal Trade Commission, the national consumer protection facility applies and carries out the COPPA regulation, which provides for what website owners and online services have to do in order to protect children’s privacy and security on the internet.

We do not exclusively market to children under the age of 13

BandBook members are all adults 18+ and have consented with the admin/owners of site for use of their personal data.


Fair information practices.

The Fair Information Practices Principles are the foundation of the data protection act in the United States and the principles contained therein play an important role in the worldwide development of data protection laws. An understanding of the Fair Information Practice principles and how they should be applied in practice is important for the adherence of different data protection laws and the protection of personal data.


To follow Fair Information Practices of Notice, Choice, Access, and Security

and in case a violation of data protection laws occurs we will do the following:

We will inform the user via email:

  • Within 7 working days


Besides, we agree with the principles of individual remedy, where persons have a right to exercise and enforce their rights in accordance to the law against data collectors and processors who do not abide to the law. This principle does not only require an individual to have enforceable rights against the data user but also that this person has access to the courts and state authorities so as to investigate and/or to criminally prosecute the data processor for not respecting the law.

The Commission also identified Enforcement, the use of a reliable mechanism to provide sanctions for noncompliance as a critical component of any governmental or self-regulatory program to protect online privacy


The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that regulates commercial emails, imposes requirements on advertising messages, gives receivers the right to put a stop to receiving emails and formulates strict sanctions in case of violations(such as harrasements, Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing).


We gather your email address in order to:

  • Update the Membership info of the artists respectfully only by the admin of bandbook.net, in addition for answering requests and/or any other responses or info for Bandbook.net.

  • To process orders, to send infor-mation and updates that are related to those orders.

  • We can also send you additional in-formation about your product and services.

  • To market our mailing list or to continue sending emails to our clients after the initial transaction has taken place.


In order to comply with the CANSPAM requirements, we agree with the following:

  • We do not use false or deceptive subject lines or email addresses(cellular data are not collected, phone numbers are optional for membership procedures).

  • The message will be appropriately labelled as an advertisement.

  • The address or location of our business headquarters will be mentioned in the email.

  • If applicable, the email marketing services of third party suppliers will be verified for compliance.

  • Promptly carry out opt-out/unsubscribe requests.

  • To allow that users can unsubscribe from their subscription by clicking on a link that can be found at the end of every email.


For memberships

In case you want to unsubscribe, any time, just send us an email.

  • Follow the instructions at the end of each email.


And we will instantly remove you from any correspondence.


Contacting with us

In case you have questions about the privacy statement, please contact us via email there is a Contact Form inside the site of BandBook.net

This is the Free-to-Visit, Free-to-Register, Free-to-Browse, Free-to-Book, Free-to-Advertise Website for Artists and Nore.

Respectfully the BandBook.Net Team.


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