I have designed BandBOok so that people who seek music bands  from greece could collaborate to make awesome music events and meet each other .


 This is a great opportunity for people who seek bands to fill lineups for upcoming music events .

 Bandbook is free for all to use . It contains music material of the named artists inside and info for fast and easy bookings .

 being a drummer myself in the city of thessaloniki, i always wanted to project something practical for the people that wish to coordinate music events and thus, find band groups that want to participate tactictly in lives .

If any band group is interested in self promoting within Bandbook, it will be with zero costs, please feel free to send me an email and i will add onsite your band information as soon as i can .

Let the music spread.

the purpose is to fill the page with many bands so that managers and event holders have a variety of music genres to choose from .

 Peace, love and rock and roll people


Welcome to BandBOOK .